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Refrigeration Services

Design , installation and commission

  • With over two decade years experience in the design of industrial refrigeration systems Exocold refrigeration will work through the most unique and challenging of projects to satisfy the demands of our customers

Service & preventative maintenance

  • With the expertise of many full time mechanics each specializing in specific areas, Exocold refrigeration boasts a well rounded service team.
  • From electrical and compressor overhauls, we keep your plant running at top form.

Skid packages

  • From our fabrication shop in Greendale , we custom design and build framed skid packages for each unique application

Refrigeration operation and energy analysis

  • It is said that 50% of energy savings opportunities come at a little to no initial cost.

Vibration analysis

  • Using a state of the art skf vibration analyzer and working with compressor and motor manufacturers.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Clean evaporator and condensing coils monthly to avoid dust and dirt accumulation.
  • Clean motor and fan blades once a month with a soft cloth
  • Check the amperage of motors and compressors
  • Check refrigerant pressure levels and inspect for leaks
  • Review thermostat settings and calibrate if needed
  • Clear away weeds and debris from outdoor condensing units.
  • Lubricate motors and bearings
  • Check relays and contactors
  • Test controls and safety switches to ensure proper functioning
  • Check suction pipes for insulation decay between condensing unit and evaporator coil, replace as needed.
  • Hire a professional to inspect electrical connections periodically
  • Consider enrolling in a preventive maintenance program with a technician who is trained to spot potential problems before costly damage occurs

Truck Temperature Control Systems

  • T-series and U-T series, delivering what matters , self powered truck refrigeration
  • Single temperature ,multi temperature and under mount.
  • The result of years of research and exhaustive testing
  • Sets new industry standards for reliability, performance, efficiency and low cost ownership
  • Proven performance up to -30°c
  • Supply good second hand refrigeration truck unit
  • Supply of transport refrigeration parts whisper operation
  • Lowest fuel consumption
  • Market leading performance and economy
  • Ease of use for error proof operation
  • Reduced environmental impact

Parts & Equipment Supplies

We work fast and efficiently, never motivated to take a little longer just to kick up our earnings.

We supply and fix the following:

Rooftop package units , large ducted splits , chilled water air handlers ,
fan coil units , wall mounted (ducted), split units , mid walls, air-curtain
and eco-duct- trunking, accessories – controls , brackets, valves, pipe kits etc.

Parts and equipment

  • Compressors
  • Condensers
  • Evaporators hygienic air handlers
  • Chillers and ice makers
  • Refrigeration valves
  • Computer controls and microprocessors

Contact us now to get quote

Contact us now to get quote

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